Radicalization – Into and Out of Hate (video)

If you want to understand how the recent terrorist attacks in Paris could happen… you have to start with understanding the radicalization process.

Christian Picciolini was vulnerable to the radicalization that he happened to be exposed to at a critical time in his life. The suicide bombers in Paris were vulnerable to the radicalization which they were exposed to.  The similarities in the stories I bring to you each week are more important than the differences.  This is Christians story of his journey into and out of hate.

Don’t see the video?  Click here to see the video!

My path through radicalization happened in the 70’s.  Christian’s happened in the 90’s.  The radicalization that is happening to young people who join terrorist groups is something we need to deconstruct from a psychological perspective.  It happens in the human brain.  Vulnerability to radicalization is a human condition that can lead to an extremely dangerous situation, as is evidenced in news headlines today.

Christian Picciolini is the co-founder of the organization Life After Hate and the author of the book Romantic Violence – Memoirs of an American Skinhead.

This interview is only part of his story.  Read his book for the rest of the story and please support his work.

As I travel to gather and bring you these stories I am often asked, “How can I help?”  There are a number of things that would help as far as technology and logistics of this project, but the most important thing you can do is share these stories.

Please share the stories!  If you have a story please contact me.

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