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11-Ted-picI’ve been a huge fan of TED for many years, even before I spoke on the TED stage. I first discovered TED in 2001 after searching for “signs of intelligent life in the universe,” to quote Lili Tomlin. I became an immediate fan and set a life goal to attend TED. That goal became a reality in 2009 when I not only had the honor of attending the conference but also gave a talk.

Since then, I’ve watched TED grow to a multifaceted organization that is making the most of their “Ideas Worth Sharing” mission. They’ve recently collaborated with Huffington Post on a project called TED Weekend, which gives TED fans an opportunity to expand upon some of the most popular TED talks.  It offers a place for those talks to be elaborated upon by the person giving the talk as well as by guest bloggers.

One talk featured on TED Weekend that I’ve most enjoyed is Jill Bolte Taylor’s famous stroke of insight talk.  The talk itself is famous for good reason.  It is amazing in that it helps us understand the human brain from the prospective of a neuroscientist, Jill, who observed her own stroke.  TED Weekend allowed her to further express her recent insights and allowed other bloggers to post their thoughts.  I was re-inspired by her evolving “idea worth spreading”.

I’m honored to be featured in an upcoming TedWeekend post this week. I’ll share the link when it’s available and look forward to subsequent discussions with you!

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