Rebuilding Life: After Leaving A Religious Cult They Were Born Into (video)

This week’s story is one that touches me personally.  Ray and Sonya Pearson were born into the same religious cult I was a member of, The Unification Church, often referred to as “The Moonies”.   It’s founder, Sun Myung Moon, claimed to be the 2nd coming of the messiah.

Don’t see the video?  Click here to see the video.

Because of my book and TED talk I am often contacted by “2nd generation members” of the group.  This means they are the children of members who were married in the church, often in a mass wedding after having their mates chosen for them by Sun Myung Moon.

They are looking for support as they try to rebuild their life, after deciding to leave the group/church.  I offer what I can, in terms of support, but the words of Ray and Sonya offer a level of understanding and encouragement far beyond what I can offer.

That is why I am doing this project called “The Stories Campaign”.  Those who bravely tell theirs stories will never know how many lives they have affected.  Please pass this video on to anyone who it may be of benefit to and please contact me if you have a story.

Next week I will be in Chicago and will bring you a very compelling and important story of a former leader of the “Skinheads”.   Don’t miss it!!



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