Own Your Brain Manifesto

Exposing manipulative tactics is NOT an aggressive act. IT IS A SHEDDING OF LIGHT.

Those ADDICTED to money and power often choose to take advantage of human vulnerabilities through the use of manipulation.

Just as a fire requires oxygen, manipulation REQUIRES human vulnerability.

Manipulative tactics, in their most extreme uses, can pose the GRAVEST of human threats.

Tactics of manipulation can come in many forms, yet a COMMON THREAD runs through each, and can be exposed.

Both the tactics and those who use them will be EXPOSED through Own Your Brain, to protect those who are most vulnerable.


MANY VOICES tell a better story.

It is through hearing the voices – the stories – of those who have experienced the most dangerous and harmful consequences of manipulation that light will be shed.

BRAVELY telling our stories and EMPATHETICALLY listening to them can change us all.


Collaboration and communication techniques are a MORE POWERFUL set of tools than manipulation.

Those who USE THEM effectively will be increasingly successful as humanity evolves.

We must grow together. Learn together to use better tools to achieve our goals, tools that DO NO HARM.


If we can UNDERSTAND how and why destructive, manipulative memes work in society and in our individual lives we can work toward RIDDING THE WORLD OF THEM, not unlike infectious diseases.


We live in the information age. Ideas/memes can be spread quickly and effectively.

We can build and spread memes that can change the world. PEACE MEMES.

The first step is to OWN YOUR BRAIN