Former Extremist Speaks From His Heart To Young Muslims (video)

As I watch young men and women commit atrocities in the name of ISIS, I continue to ask the question, “Whose voice will get through to a young Muslim who is vulnerable to radicalization”?

Those are the voices, the stories, I am looking for to include in The Stories Campaign.

This week is an excellent example.  I bring you Mubin Shaikh.

I spoke with Mubin in a park in Toronto, Canada.  As a teenager, in the very park we filmed this video, he felt torn between two worlds; his family’s culture of a strict Muslim tradition, and the life he shared with his friends and classmates.  His confusion took him down a dangerous path.  His incredible story is in his book Undercover Jihidi:Inside the Toronto 18-Al Qaeda Inspired, Homegrown, Terrorism in the West

Mubin Shaikh is an expert on Radicalization, deradicalization, countering violent extremism, National security and Counter-terrorism.  However, we spoke on a more personal lever.

In the video below Mubin speaks directly to young Muslims who may be heading down the road toward terrorism.

Watch this video. Share it on your Facebook page. Get it out there!

Don’t see the video?  Click here to see the video!

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