Workshops and Speaking

Own Your Brain offers “Vulnerability & Manipulation” workshops. These workshops are ideal for organizations or individuals working with at risk populations.

The workshop setting is the perfect environment to look closely at social and psychological conditions that lead to individuals joining extremist groups, gangs, and cults; or to falling prey to abusive relationships and business scams.

Along with examining vulnerability, we also look closely at how manipulation works. We will deconstruct the tactics used by specific extremist organizations, gangs or cults. We can also look at tactics individuals and businesses use to control those they abuse or take advantage of.

Diane Benscoter TED Talk Own Your Brain

All workshops are solution based and will examine how to strengthen existing efforts or create new approaches.

Collaboration techniques and effective communication skills are the tools of peace. Workshops to build these skills are available as stand-alone trainings or in conjunction with Vulnerability & Manipulation workshops.

Each workshop is customized to the needs of those who will be attending.

Contact us for more information and pricing.