Why Are Memes So Important?

The concept of memes and the field of memetics has been debated since Richard Dawkins first used the term in his book The Selfish Gene.

Own Your Brain makes use of the concept of memes to better understand how ideas spread.

The term Viral Memetic Infection can be used to describe what occurs when someone who is at a vulnerable time in their life is “infected” with a set of ideas “a memeplex” that controls their decision making processes.

Although there are dangerous memes, there are also positive memes.

Deconstructing how powerful, successful memes work can be useful in building and spreading what Own Your Brain refers to as “Peace Memes”.

Exposing techniques of manipulation and those who use manipulative tactics to control others is one of the objectives of Own Your Brain. By sharing stories and experiences of being manipulated we are building memes of understanding. These memes take power away from destructive memes or memeplexes.

Manipulation has been a powerful tool, used by many, throughout the ages. One of the key manipulative tactics used to control others is to create an enemy, a “them”.

Often the only true enemy to peace is the absence of important tools or skill sets such as collaboration and effective communication techniques, especially in situations where cultural and social differences form barriers. Disseminating these tools is another type of Peace Meme Own Your Brain is committed to building and spreading.

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