About Diane Benscoter
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Diane Benscoter is the author of Shoes of a Servant – My unconditional Devotion to a Lie. She is a speaker and workshop facilitator.

Diane founded Own Your Brain with the hope of shedding light on how tactics of manipulation can take advantage of certain aspects of human vulnerability. She draws from her own experience inside a religious cult and later as a deprogrammer, helping families free their loved ones from similar religious cults.


Feeling a kinship with former members of violent extremist groups, gangs and those who have been the victims of psychologically controlling situations, Diane has set out to talk with, on camera, those who have experienced mental manipulation in a variety of setting. She believes that “many voices tell a better story” and hopes these interviews will tell an important story we can all learn from.

Much of Diane’s career has been devoted to developing and leading workshops in the area of understanding cultural diversity, effective communication techniques, leadership training and peer mediation training. She has now combined her passion for shedding light on manipulative tactics with her training experience and is offering a newly developed set of workshops. She is also available for speaking engagements. Read more…

Diane’s TED Talk: How Cults Rewire the Brain


Diane has been featured in TED, The Huffington Post, NPR, Ozy, and more. For a full list of media appearances, please click here.