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Many Voices Tell a Better Story

Diane has been touring The United States and Canada, interviewing “formers” and posting the interviews on youtube.  As the project has evolved and as violent extremism has become even more prevalent in the world a decision has been made to build broader, international, effort to utilize the stories of those who understand extremism best.  The goal is to open the door for others, hopefully many others, to walk away from extremism.

Why does someone decide to become a member of a terrorist group,
a gang or a cult?

The answer is in the stories of formers

Those of us who have experienced being part of a cult, gang or any type of extremist organization have first-hand knowledge, and thus, have an important role in reaching those who are most vulnerable, most at risk.

Our stories will not be easily dismissed

They have credibility where it matters most, to those at risk of taking a dangerous path.

Our stories can make a difference

We were so much like them, when we chose a path we now regret.

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The internet has opened the door to global sharing of information. This ability to share information is at the heart of how humanity is evolving.  Own Your Brain was founded with the commitment to being part of the human evolution toward a more peaceful existence.

Human history is filled with tragic stories of war and inhumanity. The concept of “Us” versus “Them” is at the core of many of these atrocities. Today we are faced with global challenges such as climate change,  poverty and terrorism. It is time to finally realize there is only “Us”. The challenges we face will only be solved if we move away from the idea of “Them”.

We must start with understanding why this concept of “Us” versus “Them” has been such a fundamental part of human history. It is an essential ingredient in religious cults, terrorist organizations, gangs, relationship abuse and business scams.  Promoting the idea of “them” is one of the most commonly used, and most powerful tactics of manipulation. Vulnerability to tactics of manipulation can be lessened through education.

The goals of Own Your Brain are twofold. First, is to expose manipulative tactics and those who intentionally use them to take advantage of human vulnerabilities. Second, is to teach communication and collaboration techniques, a set of tools that empower those who use them, and replace harmful tools which cannot be part of a peaceful global society.

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Many voices tell a better story.  If you have been in a religious cult, a violent extremist group, a gang, an abusive relationship or the victim of a business scam your story could help shed light.

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Book by Diane Benscoter - Shoes of a Servant


“Shoes of a Servant is a great read. You won’t be able to put it down.  Read this book and share it with everyone – because everyone is vulnerable.”

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All workshops are solution based and will examine how to strengthen existing efforts or create new approaches. Each workshop is customized to the needs of those who will be attending.

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About Diane Benscoter

Diane founded Own Your Brain with the hope of shedding light on how tactics of manipulation can take advantage of certain aspects of human vulnerability.

She draws from her own experience inside a religious cult and later as a deprogrammer, helping families free their loved ones from similar religious cults.

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